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Browse Mode and App Mode in Screen Reader

This blog is an effort to create a background of basic working of screen reading software in context of web as well as desktop applications. In desktop applications, a screen reader identifies User Interface elements rendered on screen and reads out the textual caption associated to the element. A screen reader user listens to this information to be able to easily navigate the Interface.
In context of the web though, it is different. Screen reading software internally makes use of virtual screen where it copies the content rendered on a web page. Then it reads out the content from this virtual screen.

ADA website compliance boils down to WCAG 2.0 Level AA

Recently, we have been getting quite a few enquiries regarding ADA website compliance. For those who are on look out for exact standards/regulations for ADA website compliance, then we have the right direction for you. Frankly, there is no specific ADA website compliance standard or regulation in place as of today.

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